The Story

An emotionally riveting World Premiere musical, Emily’s Song focuses on Emily, whose mother dies in childbirth leaving her father, Charlie, to raise her on his own. By ten years old, she is a musical prodigy, outplaying her musician father on the piano and helping him earn a living by writing better material. Her father’s best writing, however comes when he decides to write “Emily’s Song,” a song for his daughter, a song that teaches her to “follow her dreams’ and go after what she should have in life.

Emilys Song Live Performance

Tragedy strikes again when Charlie goes on a business trip and mysteriously disappears leaving Emily isolated and alone. As years pass, Emily’s emotional grief fuels her talent as a fast-rising singer/songwriter, setting the world on fire with her soul-filled style. But just as fame finds her, will true love elude her as her fear of loss keeps her from falling in love with a man who may truly be the one?

A musical Los Angeles will be talking about for years to come, Emily’s Song is filled with life's epic struggles and triumphs. Come and live in the music; come and embrace the rags to riches tale; and ultimately, come and live in the love that Emily's Song will overflow in your heart and soul.

And speaking of music, if you're in the Houston Texas area during the Taste of Houston Festival, you'll find some great live music groups performing. You'll also find some delicious food, after all, just examine the name of the festival.


“Such a wonderful collection of songs along with a very touching story. It is one of our FEATURED events!”
—Performing Arts LIVE



“I was so moved, I actually had to wipe tears from my face. And I don’t cry, ever. It was a really joyous ending.”

—Gerald, 68


“After watching the trailer, I knew it was going to be good, but I never thought it would be that good. I was blown away.”

—Stephanie, 36


“I loved Wicked, but this is ten times better than Wicked, which was my favorite play until this.”

—Ali, 16


“Outstanding. My wife and I flew in from Arizona because I’ve heard of the author, and knew he has high standards, but this blew me away. My wife was moved to tears as well”

—Marty, 45


“This is my second time and I’m begging my mother to go again. The music was fantastic and the story was amazing!”

—Nicole, 13


Subject: Emily's Song is Fantastic!


"I took my wife and my two younger children with me last night to see "Emily's Song. I honestly went at first to get the bonus offered by Chet Holmes to his database, but the entire production from pre-show to the end was fabulous!


The pre-show was great. Amanda is a true light in this world. She is a huge talent and a wonderful soul. As the father of three daughters myself, I can tell you I see all kinds, good and bad. She is a real shining star.


The play, production, songs and actors were all terrific. Funny, well written, well acted, great performances all around. Well done Chet . . . Bravo!"


Sincerely, Jeff Moore